Teresa Miller

Certified Life Empowerment Coach

My goal as your coach is to channel your spark of inspiration into the fire of action by supporting you in using your own power, inner wisdom, vision, and special talents to move forward with purpose in your life. I believe we all have gifts to share with others to complete our purpose here on earth. I feel fortunate that I am able to use my gifts to inspire women for life.

How I became Life Empowerment Coach

I spent over twenty years in management making a living but not a life. I felt that I was not completely living up to my "true" potential. I continued to feel that there was something more for me but I did not quite know what it was. I continued to pray for guidance and be open to hear God speaking to me. What continued to show up was the joy I felt after encouraging someone around a goal or challenge that they shared with me. Often times they would comment that I was a great listener and they felt inspired to do more toward their goal after our conversation. As a manager, I also found pleasure in mentoring others to move forward in their careers. I knew there was something there but did not make the connection until I discovered coaching.

As a certified Life Empowerment Coach, speaker, and credentialed trainer, I strongly believe in making the world a better place by supporting the success of women through coaching. I enjoy working with women to help them to be inspired and empowered with the gifts, opportunities, and choices that are available to them. I connect with all of the competing demands unique to women and use my gifts, experience, and passion to inspire women for life.

I also do group coaching and workshops for women. I have presented workshops and trainings to hundreds on topics such as assertive communication for women, work life balance, health and wellness, women in leadership, and diversity. I am a certified Speaker through Toastmasters and I empower women through coaching, motivational speaking and training.

The greatest gift in life that I have been given has been as a parent to Meisha.

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