FAQs on Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a confidential partnership in which a client and coach work together to help the client achieve goals, create opportunities, overcome challenges, and improve their overall quality of life however the client defines it.

How does Coaching work?

Coaching works when the client is ready willing and able to change something in their life. The coach is trained to take the client through a process of discovery to move the client towards their goal. Coaching takes the client from where they are to where they want to be.

What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Therapy and Coaching are both helping professions. However there is a significant difference between coaching and therapy. Therapists are licensed practitioners that are trained to deal with emotional and psychological issues their clients face. Therapists typically deal with issues around emotional wellness and healing. Therapists typically deal with clients who are not fully functioning and are challenged by past emotional issues. Coaches are trained to deal with individuals who for the most part have overcome emotional challenges, are fully functioning, and need support around moving forward with meeting a goal.

How long does Coaching take?

Each client has a unique set of circumstances. However the typical coaching relationship begins with at least a three month commitment.

Where does the Coaching Session take place?

Individual coaching is done over the telephone. Sessions are prearranged between the client and the coach and sessions are held once a week. Clients can be any where in the world.

How will I know if Coaching is right for me?

The great thing about Coaching is you get to try before you buy. I offer a complimentary session with no obligation so you can see if coaching is right fit for you.

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