How Coaching Works

You can have the life of your choosing!

Congratulations on taking the steps to enjoy life as you define it. The decision you are considering is significant and I want to acknowledge you for making it.

As your coach I am trained to support you in a process that will help you gain clarity, design a plan of action, and hold you accountable for making the changes you say that you want. My gift and purpose is encouraging and motivating you to forward the action in your life by helping you to eliminate any challenges to your success either real or imagined.

I have had many years of experience in motivating and supporting individuals to move towards and accomplish a common goal. I continue to use this gift as a coach to gently shift my clients from thinking to doing….thriving to however that looks for them.

As your coach I work with you to identify what the open questions are in your life and then work with you to create the answers to those questions with results that you choose.

Some ways I do this with clients is by:

Clarifying your goals and intentions without judgment and helping you to determine what it is you really want.

Identifying any challenges, resistance or fears in meeting your goals and creating opportunities to succeed.

Developing a process of accountability to allow you to measure and achieve your goals.

Creating a plan of action to allow your goal or vision to manifest into reality.

At the end of the process you will feel empowered and rewarded by your ability to close the open questions in your life and enjoy more value, meaning, and presence of life.

Please read the "See Teresa in Action" page to see what clients are saying and to see me in group coaching action.




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