Who will Benefit

As women we all have different life experiences, values, and expectations but most of us want the same things out of life. We want to meet our goals, feel that we bring some value to life, that our gifts and talents are appreciated, and that we are the best that we can be. Read the descriptions and see where you fit:

You feel overwhelmed with everything you are attempting to accomplish. You start off with a plan of action but somehow get distracted by something or someone else that at the time needs your more immediate attention. You feel caught up in the whirlwinds of life. You end the day feeling frustrated, exhausted, and even guilty about not being able to “fit” it all in.

You are in a particular career and find yourself very unhappy in your current work. You know that you were meant for something much more. You may know what that looks like or you may not. You have been thinking about what is next for you but don’t quite know what to do or where to turn. Every time you get the inner push to do more exploration you reason that it is “safer” to stay with what feels familiar rather than to venture into the unknown. Yet the pain of being unfulfilled in your work just won’t go away.

You are into self improvement, personal development and have read books, been to seminars and still you can not get motivated to make the changes you want beyond attending the seminars or reading the books. You need something more to take the steps to make the changes you desire. You have visualized how much better your life will be once you make the change but reading books and attending seminars just have not given you what you need.

You have been “thinking” about and know there are some things you need and want to do different in your life but you just have not been motivated to do them. Yet every time you are reminded of that “thing” you make a promise to yourself to start tomorrow, next week, or next month and somehow the months pass and you are still not motivated to take action. You end up feeling frustrated or disappointed that you have not been able to get the results that you want.

If any of these descriptions resonate with where you are in life you are not alone. Many women struggle with these same challenges and working with me will help.

Here is a description of what I like to call my “ideal client.”

My “ideal client” is open to the coaching relationship and shows it in her willingness to be self aware, seek clarity, and make choices to forward the action in her life.

My “ideal client” understands and accepts responsibility for her choices and actions and wants to be held accountable to honor self commitments.

My “ideal client” wants the best for herself in life and in that process wants to show up as her best self and is willing to create opportunities to make that happen.

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